LOU ROU presents Sammy Miller and the Congregation


Modern jazz music is mostly awful. It is obscure for obscurity's sake and largely self-indulgent noodling. It didn't take me long to find an illustrative example:




This is modern jazz and this is the problem with modern jazz.(1) 

Fortunately, actions have reactions and a generation is emerging that wants to renew jazz to days of old. Tired of fans who don't enjoy their shows, a young group of Juilliard-trained, New York-based musicians is trying to elevate jazz to its former prominence. Leading this charge are our friends Sammy Miller and the Congregation who just got back from Russia and are touring around the U.S. right now. 

Jazz music used to be the country's most popular. You could party to it. It was playing at the bar you went to on a Saturday night. Now it is elevator music. What happened?

The reason we love this band so much is that they know what happened -- jazz is no longer fun. So jazz reactionaries have sought to remedy this by filling their shows with humor, with acrobatics, and by playing songs people know. Interpolating Drake's Hotline Bling into St. Louis Blues is not only a crowd-pleaser, it's the work of wildly talented musicians.

Everyone must see this band. It's a modern day tent revival and wholly unlike anything else out there. We're excited to keep up with the band and follow their successes. 

What does this have to do with handbags? Who cares.

Lindsay Rubin